Reach Financial Freedom.
Invest Intelligently.

At Logic IQ, risk does not exist. Our team of A.I. engineers
have created Artificial Node Intelligent (H.A.B.I.T.™) robot
trader that connects to all of the major exchanges in the world.
This fully automated system is the perfect passive income fund
for smart investors.

Choose your investment package.

All investment positions have standard access to H.A.B.I.T.™ artificial intelligence console and our 3 standard A.I. indicators (Regression Analysis, Trade Flow Module, Exchange Compendium Report)


1-3% Position Size

Up to 20 Indicators

5 HFT Block Trade

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1-4% Position Size

Up to 40 Indicators

10 HFT Block Trade

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1-5% Position Size

Up to 80 Indicators

15 HFT Block Trade

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1-6% Position Size

Up to 150 Indicators

20 HFT Block Trade

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1-7% Position Size

Up to 300 Indicators

25 HFT Block Trade

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1-10% Position Size

Up to 500 Indicators

30 HFT Block Trade

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